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Killah Killah Whale

4.6 ( 3136 ratings )
Spiele Action Spielhalle

Ever wanted to ride a killer whale? Nows your chance!

Hop on Killahus back and go on a rampage in the open seas. The goal is simple:


In Killah Killah Whale, you can:

Swallow fish whole!
Munch on divers!
Chomp on dolphins!
Snack on floating kittens!
Take down helicopters!
And more!

Download now to experience the addictive, hilarious fun that is Killah Killah Whale. Compete against other players and go on the deadliest rampage for the highest score!

Killah Killah Whale was developed by Daniel Pugliese and David Rozenfeld through Visit our site to learn how to make games like they did!